Empower your child
with 21st Century Skills.
Live 1:1 Classes with Computer Science Experts
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Empower your child
with 21st Century Skills.
Live 1:1 Classes with Computer Science Experts
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Crafted by alumni from

  • Google
  • uber
  • intel
  • IIT D

My son is loving the air in his room while
learning and applying his
programming skills
- Rajesh Sonpar, Parent
Founder: Glorious Living
Mentors who understand your
child’s Pace & Style
Of course, we want our students to learn from the best, but we also ensure that they are equipped to adapt to every student’s unique learning needs.

With the selection rate of 1% and an average student rating of 4.9, we know we have been picky and for better. All our mentors have hands-on coding experience and undergo a comprehensive training program to ensure an unmatched learning experience.
Swapnil Sangal
Data Scientist,
Jainam Gala
IIT Madras
Himanshu Kumar
NIT Delhi
Jaya Sivakami
Naman has the Tekie advantage
your child could be next.

Where learning meets storytelling

Learning coding concepts becomes a movie-like experience with our unique animated series for every course.

More To Learn:

Curated Learning Paths

Our courses are packaged in neat ways for your child to explore in our 1:1 Private learning classes.

Our courses are packaged in neat ways for your child to explore in our 1:1 Private learning classes.

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40 Classes

Python Programming: Level I

images Python
images Python
Python Programming: Level I

₹ 30,000


key topics covered

  • Variables
  • Strings
  • Decisions
  • Loops

curriculum includes

4 DIY Projects 15+ Badges Basic Certification

₹ 30,000

₹750 per class



80 Classes

Complete Python Programmer

images Python images Advanced Python
images Python images Python Adv.
Complete Python Programmer

₹ 58,000


key topics covered

Everything in Beginner +

  • Data Structures I - Lists, Tuples, Sets
  • Data Strcuctures II - Dictionaries
  • Functions
  • OOPs

curriculum includes

8+ DIY Projects 30 Badges Advanced Certification

₹ 58,000

₹725 per class


160 Classes

Python and Web Development

images Python images Advanced Python images HTML images CSS images JavaScript
images Python images Python Adv. images HTML images CSS images Javascript
Python and Web Development

₹ 1,10,400


key topics covered

Everything in Merit + Specialization in Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • UI Design Principles
  • Responsive Web Designing

curriculum includes

15+ DIY Projects 60 Badges Specialisation Certification

₹ 1,10,400

₹690 per class

We are 100% commited to provide the best learning experience. If you’re not happy with our course, claim a 100% refund for all unused classes.

Wondering what’s the best for you?

Feel free to contact our academic counselor for customised plans and more.

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Learn the basics of Web Development through our brand new animated series ‘Mae Walker: The Journey’. Master skills including CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Meet Sanatan!
Sanatan is our in-house coding prodigy who ranked as a Top 2 finalist (Sugar Labs) in Google’s Code-In competition.

Sanatan is a testament to Tekie's belief in process-focused learning— that with the right learning environment you can even find yourself tackling challenges at tech giants like Google!

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Loved by Students.
Trusted by Parents.
Parent, Noida
It is lovely to see their young ones catching up in this ever-changing and fast-paced IT world. We are very satisfied with Tekie's curriculum and their team's artistic way of teaching with their impeccably designed animated teaching module.
Student, USA
I have been in Tekie for 3 weeks now and have already learned so much! My mentor has been very patient with me and explained all of the information no matter how many times I didn't get it.
Student, Guwahati
I find my sessions very interesting as my mentors invest efforts in my thorough understanding of the topics.
Parent, Delhi
My son Karan simply loved the trial coding class and naturally, he was super excited to join the coding course. As a parent, I'm so glad that my son will learn something new with so much enthusiasm.
Parent, Delhi
The best learning happens when you are not learning, you are playing and enjoying. For Medha, learning has been a pleasant glide, thanks to a warm and interpersonal method of teaching.
Parent at EY
If learning to code teaches one to think, I probably took the right decision by facilitating my son to take up this coding course with Tekie.
Introducing Code Garage
A world made for Kids
Hang-outs @Code Garage
Code Garage is a free and safe space for students to try and build things from scratch while their mentor helps them bring their ideas to life.
One Club. One Goal.
Our students hustle hard and become each other's inspiration. And when it comes to crossing milestones, they make sure there's enough cheer.
Clean Feeds. Focused Minds.
We create an idea funnel that prompts them to create, collaborate and keep building stuff. Our team curates only the best and safe content for productive screen time.
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We are maximisers and nurturers

Enabling Creators of Today

We teach Coding as a lifelong skill to help nurture diverse interests. So far, we have enabled a Magician, A teacher, Bitcoin Enthusiast, Super-spreaders of good news amid a raging Pandemic, and many more of such shining personalities. Honestly, we too are in awe.

Empowering them with Future-ready Skills

Our courses are designed in a way that the student has right amount of ease & challenge in learning. We focus on the learning process, not just outputs. At Tekie, they are not just building apps & games, but instilling perseverance of a creator & lifestyle of a leader.


  • Who should take this course?

    Well, anyone over the age of 10 who wants to start learning to program, get a flavor of what programming is all about, or to see if this excites you can start with this course.

  • Why did we choose Python over other language?

    Python is a fairly simple language to read, so you'll be able to understand it and adapt it to any other language like Javascript, C, PHP, Java. Also, it's the most used programming language for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and a popular interviewing language widely used at Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, and many top tech companies.

  • Do I need to be familiar with coding to take this course?

    No, you can start without any previous knowledge.

  • What do I need to be able to take this course?

    You will need wifi, a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam, microphone, and google chrome installed.

  • Is this course completely online?

    Yes, you can go anywhere in the world(with wifi), and you'll be able to take this course.

  • How are the classes designed and scheduled?

    Your classes are designed by highly qualified teachers, keeping in mind that the session is interesting, fun and pushes students just the right amount. Also, our learning model focuses on developing algorithmic thinking, problem-solving skills & creativity.

  • Duration of our sessions?

    Each live session is designed to be 50 to 60 mins long with videos, lesson workbooks, practice questions, coding exercises, and discussions with mentors. After the session is complete, students are assigned Do-It-Yourself(DIY) coding activities, which is designed to be 60 mins long.

  • Is this course beginner friendly?

    Don't worry! All our classes are beginner-friendly. We have sessions designed specifically for beginners. Right from your first class, we'll make sure we help you get started and feel totally comfortable.

  • How often should I take these sessions?

    Well, six sessions a month is the magic number. We always recommend getting some comfort, especially if you're just starting. Each session has two portions, a mentor-led 1:1 live class, and an after-class DIY session; combined they are 120 to 150 minutes of learning per week. But you need to do four sessions per month at a minimum to get something out of all that hard work. Once you get comfortable, you can also take more than six classes a month.

  • Can I take a free trial session before I decide to buy this course?

    Absolutely! You get one trial session at no cost.

  • How to track kids coding progress?

    We have reporting systems for that. Please book a demo session with us.

  • Why do I have to book a class?

    To attend a session, you will first need to book a slot for yourself since we have limited slots for each session. We limit the number of slots per session so that our instructors can give you individual attention and that the effectiveness of your learning isn't compromised.

  • I have never coded before. From where should I begin?

    If this is your first time coding, we recommend you start with our foundation series. The guided sessions with our highly trained mentors make it a cakewalk so you can easily sit and learn. By the end of this series, you will go deeper into the world of coding. Just follow along and complete a session every week to get the most out of your membership.

  • I have programmed at an intermediate level before. Should I take this course?

    You can always choose to skip the foundation series. However, there is a treasure of knowledge around algorithmic thinking that we offer in the foundation series. So, we recommend that you try them out even if you have coded before.

  • Can I go back and re-do the sessions that i have already completed?

    Of course! The more, the merrier. Any session that you complete reflects on your learning dashboard. So, if you would like to revisit any session, you can do them directly from there.