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About Tekie

We bring the art of storytelling to make learning a movie-like experience. Starting with first of its kind animated sitcom series to teach basics of programming, live 1:1 to students of age 10+. We are on a mission to train innovators and entrepreneurs of next-generation on the right skills they need for the future.

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Intro to Coding
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Intro To Coding

Most students over age 10 face a real challenge when they start coding or move from block-based to real text-based coding. This course is designed to help you master the basics. With our high-quality episodes, we guide you through examples married with real and abstract sci-fi activities and break all the programming concepts.

39 Sessions

Videos and lesson workbooks made by the best teachers, period.

Live Classes

Our instructors thoroughly discuss and show you how to analyze algorithms.


Over 900 coding exercises to practice with hands-on projects.

DIY Activities

Do-it-yourself coding assignments after every live session.

Companion App

Experience our gamified learning journeys.

Lifetime Access

All the future content we continue to add is always yours.

Anytime, Anywhere

Learn on your own terms, at your own pace.

100% Refund

Claim a 100% refund for all unused classes at any time during the course.
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Our Result
Meet Sanatan Chaudhary
Sanatan is our in-house coding prodigy who ranked as a Top 2 finalist (Sugar Labs) in Google’s Code-In competition (now defunct). He set out on the coding journey at a young age and carved a unique career path. Tekie has been an instrumental part of his journey. Sanatan is a testament to Tekie's belief in process-focused learning— that with the right learning environment you can even find yourself tackling challenges at tech giants like Google!

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Traditional courses
on other Platforms
Tekie: Intro to Coding
Lowest cost
offering per class
₹700/- on average for each class
Lowest cost
offering per class
As low as ₹250/- per class like with our 1:4 buddy program
Scratch, MIT App Inventor, or block based Coding
Text based coding, Python programming, Immersive, Interactive Digital Experience
Not familiar with coding, follow pre-written scripts
Young CS graduates who know how to code
Course Completion Certificate, or gimmicks like pre built application
Launch projects with production ready code in a real apprenticeship setting

What's Covered

Variables & Strings

Intro to Programming
Assigning Variables
Data Types & Operators
String Functions
Input & Embedding


If Else Program
Nested If Else
Elif Program


Intro to Loops
For Loop
While Loop
For vs While Loop
Nested Loop
Break & Continue

Data Structure

Lists and Operations
Nested Lists
Sets and Operations
Dictionary and Methods


Intro to Functions
Function Structure
Function Arguments
Variable Scope


Intro to Objects and Classes
Class Structure
Attributes and Methods
39 Unique Episodes
With different coding activities

Real-life Applications

Programming a lift
Authorising and authenticating users
Basic idea of Chat Bot
Word-Text Analysis
Algorithm of a digital alarm clock
Programming a smart watch


Designing the scoreboard of an arcade game
Stone - Paper - Scissor game
VR Dungeon
AR Froggy

Abstract sci-fi activities

Parking Spaceships
Encryption and Decryption
Cloning 101
Personal Assistant Bot
And MORE...
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Episode 1 - Intro to Programming
Episode 12 - If Else Statements
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Intro to Coding
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