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Kriti Nanda
Parent, Delhi
My son Karan simply loved the trial coding class and naturally, he was super excited to join the coding course. As a parent, I'm so glad that my son will learn something new with so much enthusiasm. I wish the team all the best and may they succeed more than they have thought. Blessings.
Kriti Nanda
Parent | Delhi
Prakash Mishra
Parent, Conneticut, USA
This is our son’s first experience learning about programming. He has had a great experience so far. The online training content - videos and chat dialogues - are well crafted to engage and entertain young people, while teaching key concepts. The sequence of topics also have worked really well for our son, giving him a foundation and building on it.
Prakash Mishra
Parent | Conneticut, USA
Manu Seth
Parent, Noida
It is every parent's dream to see their young ones catching up in this ever-changing and fast-paced IT world. We, as parents, are very satisfied with Tekie's curriculum and their team's artistic way of teaching Python Programming with their impeccably designed animated teaching module.
Manu Seth
Parent | Noida
Sudipto Mondal
Parent, Delhi
The best learning happens when you are not learning, you are playing and enjoying. For Medha, learning has been a pleasant glide, thanks to a warm and interpersonal method of teaching; it's like she is learning from a friend who knows her! She loves the puzzles and other methods used- both experimental and classic.
Sudipto Mondal
Parent | Delhi
Mentors who understand your
child’s Pace & Style
Of course, we want our students to learn from the best, but we also ensure that they are equipped to adapt to every student’s unique learning needs.

With the selection rate of 1% and an average student rating of 4.9, we know we have been picky and for better. All our mentors have hands-on coding experience and undergo a comprehensive training program to ensure an unmatched learning experience.
Swapnil Sangal
Data Scientist, Ex-Mercedes
Jainam Gala
IIT Madras
Himanshu Kumar
NIT Delhi
Jaya Sivakami
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Meet Sanatan!
Sanatan is our in-house coding prodigy who ranked as a Top 2 finalist (Sugar Labs) in Google’s Code-In competition.

Sanatan is a testament to Tekie's belief in process-focused learning— that with the right learning environment you can even find yourself tackling challenges at tech giants like Google!
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